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  Pi-avionics for quality avionics sales, installations and service. Pi avionics is a certified avionics station, providing, installing and servicing avionics equipment, boasting 22 years of military and civil experience and instruments flying. Pi avionics represents major avionics manifacturers as Narco, Northstar and II Morrow. Our prices are reasonable and we work on a daily base on all major Israeli airports. Give us a call, send an email or fax for information, a free estimate or advice on all your avionics needs!  
  Company Headquarters:
Daniel Marom
Kfar Yehoshua - 30063 Israel
Tel. (972)-4-9832272
Fax (972)-4-9533115.
Email: m_daniel@netvision.net.il




................. NARCO

Avionics sales, installation and repair-Representative for :

II Morrow GPS ,communication ,audio-panels ,moving maps-

Northstar GPS with automatic certified IFR approach, autopilot linked -

Narco Avionics line - nav/com Cessna (ARC) direct replacement -No indicators or tray replacement -Transponders, weather-radar, the new NAV-122 - And the new 118-136 Mhz and 225-399.95 Mhz militairy com 211 unit

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