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Flying Northstar GPS approaches
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M3 GPS Approach

The Northstar M3 Approach offers 12-channel, parallel-tracking, "all-in-view" GPS for superior accuracy and integrity. With the Northstar M3, flying GPS approaches is a simple, hands-off, 1-2-3 operation:
  1. Designate the airport
  2. Designate the approach
  3. Fly the approach

That’s it. Watch the CDI and fly the aircraft. With GPS approaches, CDI needle sensitivity is pre-programmed, and always the same from one approach to the next (no scalloping or wavering of the needle). And NDB overlay approaches flown with Northstar’s GPS are easy—the indicator is heading-independent.

Since the M3 doesn’t distract you with unnecessary manual steps, your approach is safer, easier, and more fun. The entire approach is stored in the Jeppesen database, complete with procedure turns, holds, and missed approach procedures. Even flying DME arcs is a simple matter of keeping the CDI needle centered while the M3 calculates the curved flight path. The M3 automatically takes you through each part of these operations. It knows where you are, and tells you what’s coming next. During holds and procedure turns, the M3 times inbound and outbound legs, and sequences each leg automatically.

The M3 comes SmartComm-ready, instantly identifying the closest 40 frequencies based on your position, including over 3,000 RCOs.

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