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The Northstar GPS-60 VFR Navigator is a direct replacement for the M1 or M2 Loran! It's pin-for-pin compatible
and even the antenna has the same footprint.

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GPS-60 VFR Navigator


The Northstar VFR GPS-60 offers 12-channel, parallel-tracking, "all-in-view" GPS with the same superior accuracy of the top-rated IFR M3. In fact, the GPS-60 offers many other navigation features found in the M3. Unlike typical GPS navigators that use low-visibility LCD displays, the GPS-60 uses bright, LED split-screen displays for superior visibility at all viewing angles and lighting conditions. The GPS-60 comes SmartComm-ready, instantly identifying the closest 40 frequencies based on your position (includes over 3,000 RCOs).


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